Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Barriers to Wider Sharing of Research Data

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Jean-Claude Bradley said...

I have a 19 minute screencast on communicating the results of the optimization of a Ugi reaction both via peer-reviewed article and Open Notebook Science. For a quick perusal the slides are here.

Jean-Claude Bradley said...

Also Nature News just did this profile of our work "Data on Display"

Rob said...

Most efforts to achieve open access to literature have focused on sticks, I think with data we need to focus also on carrots -- academic credit for preparing, releasing and encouraging reuse of data, and means whereby researchers get additional value (e.g. computation, automatic comparison/visualisation alongside related data) when they make data available.

Jean-Claude Bradley said...

This Open Notebook Science Challenge should be of interest for the meeting

MacKenzie Smith said...

Assuming we're not limited to open access or journal literature, and we start getting more complex types of content like scientific research data, there are still some missing pieces in the repository interoperability landscape. They include:
-persistent identifiers for authors,
-cross-repo authn/authz,
-content typing (e.g. via RDF schemas) and profiles (using ORE or another complex object aggregation syntax),
-semantics for non-descriptive metadata (e.g. experiment protocols and instrumentation), -methods for sharing content policies, and potentially
-a remote data visualization API.